Where in the World is this Animal From?

Where in the World is this Animal From?

If you're a burgeoning ecologist, or a world-traveler, we bet you'll do well on this quiz about where animals originally hail from. Humans have taken some animals across the planet, and other animals have such a small range you may never have heard of them. Can you guess where they are from?

One of the only places you will NOT find at least one genus of the black widow spider

Where is the Crested Ibis from?

In their Asian range they are reindeer, in North America they are

The aardvark is from?

Where do blue footed boobys lay their nests?

The axolotl is from where?

Where can you find the Giant Grizzled Squirrel?

The elephant shrew is from a forest in?

The red lipped bat fish is found?

The maned wolf is from?

The bat-eared fox has two unattached ranges on which continent?

The binturong or bearcat can be found in

Where is the purple frog from

The Tatra Chamois is found on the border of?

The blue glaucus is a slug that lives?

The only place you can find the Cebu Flowerpecker

Also called the zebra giraffe, the Okapi is found in only?

Where are sugar gliders from?

The Bandicoot hails from?

In which three countries will you find the naked mole rat?

The dumbo octopus lives

The Harpy Eagle can be found in

Where in the World is this Animal From?

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