Test Your Land Animal Knowledge

Test Your Land Animal Knowledge

The world is full of wonderful and fascinating animals, both on land and in the sea. Whether you like the quickness of the cheetah, the powerful bite of the hippo, or the wise nature of owls, chances are there are at least a few land animals that have caught your eye. The question is, though, do you know little things about many different animals or details about only a few of them? This quiz will put exactly that to the test. Travel around all the lands of the world and test your knowledge of the animals that call them home now.

How long are elephants pregnant for?

What animal can stand on its tail and lift its legs off the ground?

What do you call a group of owls?

What is the fastest land animal?

What do koala bears eat?

What do you call a group of pigs?

Where do dogs have sweat glands?

What do you call a baby hedgehog?

How many toes do sheep have?

How many heart chambers does a cockroach have?

What is a baby goat called?

What animal has nine lives?

How much time does it take for a sloth to digest a meal?

What does a male penguin often give a female penguin as a gift?

What is the loudest insect?

How big is a newborn kangaroo?

What is the oldest breed of dog?

What is a group of camels called?

What body part can help you determine the age of a lion?

What animal can move its eyes independently?

What do you call a female fox?

What is the largest snake in the world?

How many facial expressions can a horse make?

What color is a giraffe's tongue?

What farm animal can get a sunburn?

Test Your Land Animal Knowledge

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