Test Your Icky Insect Knowledge

Test Your Icky Insect Knowledge

The world is full of creepy and crawly animals – we refer to them as insects! Some insects are incredibly fascinating (like caterpillars), and others are simply annoying to most people (like, you know, irritating mosquitos). Many people around the world are very interested in all kinds of insects. Are you one of them? Well, whether it is about how long a caterpillar spends in a cocoon, how long the average adult mayfly tends to live, or what makes up the diet of a bee… it is time to put your knowledge of all things insect to the test. Let’s go!

How many legs do most insects have?

What is the main ingredient in a spider's silk?

What insect spins a web?

What insect can walk on water?

Which insect builds nests out of wood pulp it has chewed?

How many wings do most insects have?

How long do adult mayflies live?

How many legs do spiders have?

In the summer, what is a worker bee's lifespan?

What insect can carry up to 50 times its body weight?

What insect is known for causing itchy bites?

When is blackfly season?

What is the smallest species of bee?

What insect makes honey?

On average, how long do caterpillars stay in their cocoons?

What insect can jump up to 100 times the length of its own body?

What insect builds its home by digging tunnels?

What insect makes a buzzing sound at night?

What insect can produce a loud buzzing noise by rubbing its wings together?

What is the main food source for ladybugs?

Which insect is the largest in the world?

What do bees eat?

Which insect can produce light?

What insect is known for its black and yellow stripes?

What insect is primarily responsible for making silk?

Test Your Icky Insect Knowledge

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