Purrfectly Precious: A Feline Trivia Quiz for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Purrfectly Precious: A Feline Trivia Quiz for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Get ready to test your knowledge on everyone's favourite feline friends: cute kitties! We're talking about the kind of kitties that make your heart race with a single meow, the ones that make you go aww and melt your heart with a single purr. Yes, we’re talking about our beloved cats! Whether you're a proud cat owner or simply an admirer of these fluffy creatures, this trivia quiz will put your kitty knowledge to the test. This quiz is designed to test your skills on everything from their distinct personalities to their unusual habits. Who knows, you may even learn some quirky facts along the way!Do you know what a group of kittens is called, or which cat breed loves water? Put your cat-titude to the test with our quiz, and let's see who knows more about these adorable companions. We can almost guarantee that by the end of these questions, you'll be left with a massive smile on your face and the desire to pet a cute kitty. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Let’s get quizzin'!

Which of the following is NOT a breed of cat?

What is the name for a male cat that has not been neutered?

What is the name of the phenomenon in which a cat rubs its forehead and scent glands against a person or object?

What is the name of the enzyme that some cats lack, causing them to be lactose intolerant?

Which of the following is a sign that a cat is feeling angry or threatened?

What is the name for a group of cats?

What is the name of the protein in a cat’s saliva that causes allergies?

What is the term for the soft, downy fur found on kittens?

Which breed of cat is known for its friendly, dog-like personality?

Which breed of cat has a reputation for being able to swim?

What is the gestation period of a typical house cat?

What is the scientific name for the domestic house cat?

What color are kittens’ eyes at birth?

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a Siamese cat?

What is the average lifespan of an indoor cat?

What is the name for a female cat that has not been spayed?

Which breed of cat is known for its lack of fur?

Which breed of cat is known for having extra toes?

Which country is known for having a large population of stray cats that are considered a cultural icon?

Which breed of cat is known for its wild, leopard-like appearance?

Purrfectly Precious: A Feline Trivia Quiz for the Ultimate Cat Lover

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