How Much Do You Know About Birds?

How Much Do You Know About Birds?

Whether you love looking at your backyard feeder or you plan your vacations around getting another lifer, you can test your bird knowledge with this quiz. It'll be particularly challenging if you're not in North America.

Where do wild turkeys roost?

What percentage of bird species migrate in some form?

Which birds sounds like a "lazy Robin?"

The Swainsons Hawk sometimes competes with what for nesting groves?

The Black-crowned Night Heron is usually the first heron to?

Which duck's males stick with their females for the longest amount of time?

This bird might eat salamanders.

Don't be alarmed, this bird sometimes goes bald?

This bird has an enormous bill (compared to it's relatively small size) that allows it to crush seeds too large for other birds its size.

The common tern usually nests where?

Which unusual food source do black-capped chickadees enjoy?

These birds help by eating the invasive emerald ash borer larvae.

This is the heaviest flying birds in North America

Which is the largest songbird?

Killdeer lure predators away from their nests with what?

One of the few dabblers to enjoy tidewater areas?

This bird's eyesight is about 5 times better than a human's eyesight.

How fast can a mute swan swim?

How old is the oldest ring-billed gull on record?

Which birds can use the old nests left by Northern Flickers?

When hovering the Ruby-throated hummingbird beats its wings more than ___ times per second.

This bird is the fastest creature on the planet.

Which sparrow nests the furthest north?

How Much Do You Know About Birds?

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