How Well Do You Know These Four-Legged Creatures?

How Well Do You Know These Four-Legged Creatures?

As children many of us are taught how to identify different four-legged animals in picture books or family trips to the zoo. From furry wild predators to scaly reptiles and amphibians, to more common farm animals and cute backyard visitors, we are surrounded by magnificent creatures almost every day. There's something fascinating about watching how they move and interact with one another, raise families of their own, and thrive in the world around us regardless of their environment or human interaction. But how well do you truly know your favourite four-legged friends? Test your knowledge and challenge a friend to see who can identify the most animals in this quiz.

Which of these small, four-legged creatures would you most likely find in your basement or attic?

Can you guess which of these four-legged mammals is touted as the world's largest land animal?

There are over 60 different species of this wildly hunted four-legged creature. What is it?

Can you identify this male cattle?

This four-legged animal is most likely to be found roaming around a farm, can you guess what it is?

This four-legged animal is often depicted hauling goods and people long distances, can you identify it?

Often poached and sold for an excessive amount of money, are you able to identify this four-legged animal?

This large cat is often mistaken for a leopard. What's it's name?

Which of these social four-legged animals gives birth standing up?

Considered the largest mammal in North America, this four-legged creature can reach up to six feet tall. What is it?

There's a reason they call this four-legged mammal the king of the jungle. What is it?

Can you tell which type of four-legged frog this is?

Does this North American native look familiar?

Which one of these highly energized four-legged animals usually needs a wheel to help it stay active?

What do you call this large, solitary four-legged animal?

Can you guess why touching this four-legged mammal might hurt?

Do you recognize this large-eared mammal?

What's the name of this popular creature found in Africa?

This four-legged marsupial is helpful for controlling parasites and other pests. Can you guess what it is?

Can you guess which of these four-legged creatures is the fastest land mammal on earth?

This is one of the largest wild cats alive today, weighing up to 670 pounds! Can you guess what kind of four-legged carnivore this is?

This four-legged animal commonly produces wool for a variety of uses. What's your best guess?

You can often identify this four-legged mammal by its huge antlers. What's your best guess?

Do you recognize this bamboo loving four-legged animal?

What's the name of this dog-like scavenger native to Africa?

Do you recognize this widely popular house pet?

This majestic four-legged land mammal isn't as cute as it appears. What is it?

A member of the genus Canis that includes domesticated dogs, this four-legged mammal is what?

This four-legged animal is usually found in a pack that work together to hunt for food. What do you think it is?

This four-legged reptile often looks like a mini dragon. Can you guess what it is?

Often depicted as cute little cotton-tail creatures in cartoons, these four-legged furry animals are called what?

This four-legged reptile doesn't generally move that fast but it can live up to or beyond 80 years. What do you think it is?

Can you identify these four-legged creatures who are close relatives of the camel?

Considered a nuisance in most neighborhoods for destroying garbage cans and infiltrating homes, what is this four-legged creature?

Although primarily carnivorous, this four-legged reptile also eats fruit. Which one is it?

Most well known for racing, this breed of horse can stand between 15-17 feet tall on its four legs! What kind of horse is it?

Which of these semi-aquatic mammals do you think uses their teeth to fend off predators?

Can you identify this four-legged insect loving animal?

What do you call this four-legged animal that builds dams for their home?

Which of these four-legged mammals would you find most useful if you were lost in a desert?

How Well Do You Know These Four-Legged Creatures?

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