Can You Classify These Game Animals?

Can You Classify These Game Animals?

Hunters know that there are five game classifications. Each class of animal requires that you have a different ammunition to safely hunt and humanely dispatch them. Take this quiz to find out if you know your classifications.

Classify a crocodile.

Classify a coyote.

Medium game is typically considered to be from 50 pounds to ____ pounds.

Classify a gopher.

You want a bullet for large game to?

Which ammunition is for small game?

Classify an opossum.

Classify a wild sheep.

Classify an elephant

What matters when choosing ammunition for medium sized game and up?

Which ammunition is best for pests?

Classify a zebra.

What distinguishes dangerous game?

Classify a feral hog.

A popular choice for weight of ammunition when hunting leopards.

Classify a wild boar.

Classify a badger

Classify a musk ox

Classify a lynx.

Classify an impala.

Classify a black bear.

Classify a rabbit.

Classify a hippopotamus.

Classify a moose.

Can You Classify These Game Animals?

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