Willy, Hooch, Marley, & Flipper: Animals in the Movies

Willy, Hooch, Marley, & Flipper: Animals in the Movies

People love animals. They also love movies. So, it seems like a natural thing to combine them. Sometimes real animals are used and sometimes it is cartoon representations of them. Regardless, some of the movies that have featured animals are classics that parents love to watch with their young children (ie. Lassie, Charlotte's Web). I know I watched movies like The Aristocats many times with my young daughter. Now it's time for you to show off your knowledge of animals in the movies. Lights, Camera, Action!

Eight Below' was a film about 8 of this kind of animal:

Ronald Reagan starred in movie called 'Bedtime for Bonzo' What was Bonzo?

Scar and Mufasa were two key characters in what movie?

The 1993 movie 'Homeward Bound' stars:

Who narrated the movie 'March of the Penguins'?

In Charlotte's Web, the main character is a ______.

What animal is the movie 'Free Willy' about?

What animal is the movie 'Babe' about?

In the movie 'Turner and Hooch', what is Hooch?

The 2008 movie 'Marley and Me' is about a:

What animal is not in the boat in 'The Life of Pi'?

In the Stephen King movie 'Cujo', what kind of dog stalks the main characters?

What kind of dog was Lassie?

Air Bud was a movie about a _____that played basketball.

The movie 'Old Yeller' was about a _______.

What animal was the movie 'Flipper' about?

Who starred in a movie called K-9 with a german shepherd?

The 1982 movie 'Beethoven' is about a:

Samuel L. Jackson was in a movie with many ________on his plane.

In ' The Aristocrats', in what country do the cartoon cats live?

In the disney film 'Gus', what animal kicks field goals?

How many dalmations are in a certain famous Disney movie?

In a 2008 movie, Jack Black voiced the main character in a movie known as:

In 'Adventures of Milo & Otis', which one(s) was a dog?

What is the animal in the movie 'Rango' (voiced by Johnny Depp)?

Willy, Hooch, Marley, & Flipper: Animals in the Movies

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