Wild about Wildcats? Here is the Purrfect Quiz! Wildcat Trivia

Wild about Wildcats? Here is the Purrfect Quiz! Wildcat Trivia

In Ontario, there is this place that I used to take my daughter when she was very little. It is called African Lion Safari. You can drive your car (or take a bus) and pass by many different animals. The monkeys were quite dangerous as they'd rip the windshield wipers right off your car! Thank God there was a monkey bypass! Anyway, our favourite animals to see up close were the lions. They were awesome. We would've liked to spend more time seeing the tigers and cheetahs but they always seemed kind of hidden and lazy. They never came near the cars. Are you a fan of the 'Big Cats'? Did you know that most wild cats are actually not that big? Well, time to find out how much you know!

Similar to Ocelots, ________are excellent climbers found in Ecuador.

Oher than in Africa, where can a small amount of lions be found?

Colocolos are small wildcats found in:

Which of these wildcats is the fastest?

Bobcats are a type of:

How many wildcat species are considered endangered?

Other than Antarctica, what continent has no native wildcats?

Which of these wildcats is NOT the nickname for an NFL team?

Where is a person most likely to see a jaguar?

Which of these wildcats is the largest?

Which of the wildcats is considered to be the best swimmer?

The _____is a small all-black wildcat found in South America.

The Ocelot is found in Central & South America, Mexico, and _______.

Snow leopards are found in high-altitude mountain ranges in:

Other than in Africa, leopards are commonly found in________.

What are the only wildcats that actually purr?

Where is the Amur leopard found?

Who is the mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes?

Which of these small wildcats can be found in Canada?

The _____ is a bizarre-looking cat with very long legs, large ears, & a short tail.

How many species of wildcats are there in the world?

The _____has jet-black ears topped with tufts.

Which of these cats are NOT part of the 7 Big cats (large-bodied felids)?

Which of the wildcats is sometimes called a mountain lion?

Other than in Africa, some cheetahs can be found in:

Wild about Wildcats? Here is the Purrfect Quiz! Wildcat Trivia

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