What's Your Spirit Animal?

What's Your Spirit Animal?

Are you looking to connect with your spirit animal? These lifelong partners have been bond to you from the start and are there to guide you in times of need. Though you may have never met your spirit animal, that does not mean you can’t summon them to your side. Whether you are going through a stressful period in your life, like a breakup, or just need some advice on how to live your best life, your spirit animal can give you the love, warmth, and confidence you need to move forward. There are a great number of spirit animals in all shapes and sizes, including wolves, ravens, bears, and owls. Other people may have less conventional animal guides, such as butterflies, cardinals, pandas, or dolphins. Also, your spirit animal may change as you get older and accumulate more life experience, because every animal has specific traits. The child who needed the cunning of a fox may grow into the CEO who needs an owl’s wise insight. Just remember that your guide is always watching you. Helping you. But if you want to know who is with you right now, then take this quiz to learn your spirit animal’s identity and why they have come to your side!

If you could become a hybrid between any two living things (animal, plant, or human), what two halves would you choose?

At one point do you give up completely on a task or project?

Which of the following is closest to your passion?

Choose your personal synonym for the word “friendship.”

If you were lost in a city, what tool would you use to find your way?

If you tripped and fell on a stage in front of a huge audience, how would you react?

Imagine your best friend breaking your trust. How long would it take for them to regain that level of trust?

When a strong wind is blowing, what do you think about?

If you could ask your spirit animal one question, what would it be?

Suppose dreams are a reflection of your subconscious desires. What are your dreams telling you?

Would you rather meet your spirit animal or have it remain a mystery?

Is your strength more physical, mental, or emotional?

Where do you think spirit animals dwell?

How would you and your spirit animal communicate with one another?

Which of the following symbols means the most to you?

If you could magically change your eye color, what color would you choose?

What are your general feelings around 5:00 PM?

Would you rather be incredibly smart or incredibly beautiful?

If you could put a price on the concept of trust, how much would someone have to pay you?

If you were a flower, what would you need in order to blossom?

When do you find the most clarity?

How do you measure the concept of time?

Would you say your mind works more creatively or more logically?

Does asking others for assistance help or hurt your ego?

In your opinion, is it better to deal with smaller problems first or put your full attention into solving the biggest issue?

If you were a thief’s apprentice, what skills would you be most likely to train?

Would you describe yourself as wise?

If you came back to life as a cat, how would you spend most of your days?

If your life could be have an overabundance of either luck, wealth, or love, what would you choose?

If you were awarded with $20,000, how would you spend it?

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