What Kind of Dog are You?

What Kind of Dog are You?

Ever wondered which dog breed best matches your personality? Take our quick quiz to discover if you're more like a loyal Labrador, a spirited Husky, or another breed entirely. Find your canine counterpart based on your lifestyle and temperament—start now!

Do you like to keep things clean?

How calm are you as a person?

What's your favorite time of year?

What's your favorite time of day?

Would you say you're a homebody?

Do you like team sports?

Would you say you're a big cuddler?

Which of these things do you find most annoying?

If you were a dog you imagine you'd most enjoy

Which career would appeal most to you?

What do you like most about yourself?

Do you like to tell jokes?

Pick a color

Pick a food

What are your eating habits like?

Pick an object

What do you friends like most about you?

How much exercising do you do?

Are you a loud person?

Have you been called feisty?

How tall are you?

Which bad habit do you have?


Ellysa was once asked to name her favorite author, and she replied, "Why should I choose just one? What a restrictive construct!"

That quote exemplifies Ellysa. She jousts with convention.

Though one might assume otherwise, this skilled scribe did not come to her envelope-pushing perspective from privilege. While some rise to their professional positions through connections and family legacies, Ellysa's access came via dedication, hard work and resilient courage.

Unlike her Ivy League classmates, Ellysa's collegiate career began at a community college in Tennessee. Johnson City is an atypical starting point for an eventual Ivy alumna. Yet, that's precisely where young Ellysa first richly engaged with diverse authors' works.

She soon visualized her future self as a successful writer. Within two autumns, Ellysa was in Hanover, New Hampshire, as a Dartmouth College student.

Today, a proud Dartmouth alum, Ellysa is on a mission to transform readers' experiences by leaving her exceptional imprint on life-enriching websites. She still won't name a favorite author.