What Dog Breed Are You?

What Dog Breed Are You?

It’s been said that dogs are great judges of character. They can see past a friendly exterior and see right into the core of a person. Many people put a lot of stock into this theory and are truly weary of a stranger that their dog doesn’t seem to like. Why do we value the opinions of our dogs so much? Cause dogs are amazing animals. They fill our homes and our hearts with so much love, that it’s hard to envision a world without them. They say that some dogs take the personalities of their owners, and with this fun personality quiz, you may find out that this is true. Answer these intriguing questions and we’ll tell you what dog breed you most closely resemble!

Cheesy movies. How do you feel about them?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What would you want named after you?

Are you a cat or dog person?

Favorite trait about yourself?

You have a time machine. Are you going to the future or the past?

How clean is your room right now?

Vacation at a tropical resort or in cottage country?

You're on death row. What does your last meal consist of?

What unusual talent do you have?

Hot dogs or hamburgers?

What article of clothing do you wear the least?

Are you superstitious?

Last genre of movie you saw in theatres?

Have you ever been injured?

Favorite type of cereal?

What is something awkward about yourself?

How vivid is your imagination?

If you go thirty days without your phone you get $1 million. Can you do it?

What sport do you enjoy the most?

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