What Do You Know About Mythical Creatures?

What Do You Know About Mythical Creatures?

Myths and legends are all around us – every culture in the world has at least one or two. Besides them, fantasy stories in literature create so many more myths. What do all of them have in common? The creation of wonderful and sometimes terrifying mythical creatures. Some of them are made up of real animals, and others are completely new. If you are a big fan of myths, legends, and fantasy stories, chances are you know a thing or two about some mythical creatures. But how much do you really know? Well, that is what this quiz is designed to uncover! Test your knowledge of all things mythical creatures now.

What creature can turn someone to stone with its gaze?

What creature appears at the full moon?

Which of the following animals does not make up a manticore?

What is a half human, half horse called?

What is the large, aquatic creature that looks like a serpent from Scottish folklore called?

What are the creatures who look after trees called?

Where do phoenixes live?

What do dragons guard?

If a unicorn had wings, it would be what?

What creature from pirate tales can control water?

Where is a yeti located?

What does a sphinx do when you meet it?

What creature can grant wishes?

What creature from Greek mythology is both a lion and a dragon?

What creature was Ariel?

What creature can kill you if you look at it in the eyes?

What creature has the head of a bull and body of a man?

What Harry Potter creature can only be seen by those who have seen someone die?

What Tolkien creatures used to be elves in one origin story?

What creature must drink blood to survive?

What creature collects teeth?

What creature is known for breathing fire?

What is the horse-like creature with a horn called?

What is a wailing female spirit from Irish legend called?

How many horns do unicorns have?

What Do You Know About Mythical Creatures?

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