Test Your Dinosaur Knowledge

Test Your Dinosaur Knowledge

Whether it was by watching Land Before Time, getting scared by Jurassic Park, or even pretending to dig up our own fossils, just about everyone has had an encounter with dinosaurs. For many, this developed into a major interest – and some even work with dinosaur fossils today! Where do you fall on the scale? Do you know a lot about dinosaurs? What about the name of period when they roamed the Earth? The color of a T-rex? The name of the dinosaur in Toy Story? Test juts how much you know about everyone’s favorite fossil, the dinosaur, with this quiz.

What is the name of the new dinosaur species created in Jurassic World?

Which of the following is a name of a velociraptor in Owen Grady's squad in Jurassic World?

What color was the T-Rex?

How many claws did velociraptor have?

In what state have the most dinosaur fossils been found?

What was the first kind of dinosaur discovered?

Which type of dinosaur was the largest?

When was the first velociraptor fossil discovered?

What kind of dinosaur is in Toy Story?

Which dinosaur means "fast thief?"

What is the name of the most complete T-Rex specimen?

Where were the first T-Rex fossils found?

When did dinosaurs first appear?

What type of dinosaur was Fred Flinstone's pet Dino?

What period did the T-Rex live in?

What modern animal had the T-Rex as an ancestor?

How many horns did triceratops have?

How long could T-Rex's live?

If you want to study dinosaurs, what would your job title be?

How long, on average, were the arms of a T-Rex?

How long did dinosaurs roam the Earth?

What does dinosaur mean?

How many species of dinosaur appear in the Jurassic Park book?

When were dinosaur remains first discovered in North America?

Which of Owen's velociraptors survives?

Test Your Dinosaur Knowledge

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