Piggy Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Guinea Pigs?

Piggy Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Guinea Pigs?

Are you ready for some furry fun facts? Today's trivia quiz is all about one of the cuddliest creatures around: the Guinea Pig!Known for their cute faces, adorable squeaks, and penchant for running on wheels, Guinea Pigs make great pets for animal-lovers of all ages. But did you know that these little creatures actually originated in South America, where they were kept as a source of food? Or that the record for the world's longest-lived Guinea Pig is over 14 years?!From their unique communication styles (ever heard of a rumble strut?) to their vibrant personalities and love of snacking on hay, Guinea Pigs are full of surprises. So whether you're a proud Guinea Pig owner or just a curious critter enthusiast, join us for a quiz that's sure to get your tail wagging and your brain buzzing. Make sure your fur is brushed and your squeaks are ready, because it's time to test your knowledge and show off your Guinea Pig smarts!

What is the most common cause of death in guinea pigs?

What is the purpose of a guinea pig's constant teeth chattering sound?

What is the proper way to introduce two guinea pigs to each other?

What is the purpose of a guinea pig's scent gland?

What is the gestation period of a guinea pig?

What is the most common color for guinea pigs?

Why is it important to have more than one guinea pig?

What is the scientific name for guinea pig?

What is the ideal temperature range for a guinea pig's living environment?

Which of these is not a breed of guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are social animals. Which of the following animals is NOT a suitable living companion for a guinea pig?

What is the purpose of a guinea pig's flaring nostrils?

What is a group of guinea pigs called?

What is the proper way to hold a guinea pig?

What should make up the majority of a guinea pig's diet?

Which of these is not a sign of illness in a guinea pig?

What is the maximum recommended number of guinea pigs to be kept together in one cage?

Guinea pigs cannot produce which of these vitamins?

Which of these is not a behavior that indicates a guinea pig is happy?

How long do guinea pigs live on average?

Piggy Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Guinea Pigs?

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