How Well Do You Know Your Animal Facts?

How Well Do You Know Your Animal Facts?

Animals are beyond fascinating. They exist in virtually every part of the planet and come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are insects we can barely see with the human eye and creatures that weigh more than a car. We all have our favorite animals, and all possess varying degrees of knowledge about the animals we share this world with. But how much do you actually know about the animal kingdom? Find out with this How Well do You Know Your Animal Facts quiz. Have fun, good luck and go wild with your answers!

How long have turtles been on earth?

How long have koalas been caught sleeping while in captivity?

What is Scotland's national animal?

How fast can grizzly bears run?

How many species of rhinoceroses are left in the world?

What percentage of the hunting do lionesses do?

Why do pigs roll around in mud?

What food do chimps not eat?

What percentage of a jellyfish's body is made up of water?

Where is a shrimp's heart located?

What percentage of a cat's bone are in its tail?

Out of these four animals, which one can see behind themselves without moving its head?

How long can a scorpion hold its breath?

How many times the length of its body can a grasshopper jump?

How wide is a hippo's mouth?

What animal holds hands with each other?

How many hearts do octopi have?

How long does it take a sloth to digest its food?

What do dogs and humans have in common?

How do polar bears greet each other?

How many feathers can a swan have?

How much can an elephant's tooth weigh?

How fast can deer run?

How many eyes does a starfish have?

How many new animal species are roughly discovered every year?

How Well Do You Know Your Animal Facts?

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