How Well Do You Know the Animals of Meat Eater?

How Well Do You Know the Animals of Meat Eater?

Who doesn't love to hunt alongside Steven Rinella on his show Meat Eater? Even if you can't get out into the wilderness yourself, you've probably learned a ton about animals across the globe. Test your knowledge here.

Spot this animal in part by its palmate antlers

This is the largest of the deer species, globally.

This arctic animal almost went extinct but can now be hunted again.

The Cree word "wapiti" refers to this massive animal.

It is necessary to track this predator with dogs.

This rare antelope can be found in Texas.

You can find this African-native in Arizona

What did Rinella hunt in Mexico in season two?

This caribou migrates among the longest of any animal.

You won't find this deer on the east coast or west of the Rocky Mountains, but in the states between

This is a subspecies of Rinella's favorite deer species.

This is a subspecies of white-tail deer, distinguished by their small size.

You can find this deer in South American rainforests

Meat Eater calls it the "ribeye of the sky"

What philosophy does Rinella uphold throughout the show?

Hunting at Steven Rinella's level requires some serious cash. What do you think his net worth is?

Texas has the largest population of this deer species.

In what country did Rinella hunt grizzlies?

In season seven, Rinella's friends Doug and Mark join him to hunt for this animal.

Find this bird in California's mountains

Rinella hunts this animal in the peaks of Alaska

How Well Do You Know the Animals of Meat Eater?

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