How Much Do You Know About Big Cats?

How Much Do You Know About Big Cats?

From cougars to tigers, big cats are some of the most exciting and interesting animals on the planet. Test your knowledge of cheetahs, snow leopards, jaguars, lions, leopards and the other two big cats.

Which is the smallest of the big cats?

Most closely related to the lion

The name of a cub from a male lion and a female tiger is?

Which cat is associated with the Egyptian deity Sekhmet?

Which big cat has the loudest roar?

Associated with the Greek god Dionysus

They may hunt as a group?

The only Panthera in North America is the

As male lions get older their manes get?

This cat has broader paws for walking on unstable surfaces

They hunt by biting the throat and holding onto the prey with their front paws.

They cause the most human deaths through direct attacks, not just as compared to other big cats but also other mammals?

What is the genus of all but two of the big cats?

This cat may sometimes take crocodile kills

Tigers are comfortable in water, they will cross rivers up to how wide?

It takes a young lion this much time to practice before they can successfully hunt

Commonly kill smaller predators, including cheetahs

It kills by biting right through the skull

Which big cat is the largest?

Once thought to help the living communicate with the dead

The big cat with the most territory and the largest distribution

The Maasai people consider hunting this cat to be a right of passage?

How Much Do You Know About Big Cats?

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