How Are Your Animal Vocabulary Skills?

How Are Your Animal Vocabulary Skills?

How much do you know about animals? This quiz might not get you ready to be a biologist or zoologist but it will test your animal vocabulary skills. Do you think you're up to par with a third grader? Take this quiz and we will let you know!

A flock of crows is also called a?

What is a female fox called?

The habitat in the arctic with frozen ground and no trees or plants is called what?

A dry habitat with very little rain annually is referred to as what?

What are the pointed teeth between the incisors and premolars called?

An animal that has a diet that contains a lot of meat is called

An animal whose temperature changes with the environment they are in is called

Which of these habitats features a lot of grass and 10 to 29-inches of rain per year?

Animals that can blend in with their surroundings have which skill?

What is a young duck called?

This category of land animal is cold-blooded, has a backbone, and is covered in scales

An animal that is active throughout the night is referred to as

The type of animal that is warm-blooded, has a back bone, hair and fur, has live babies, and provides milk for their babies is referred to as

This habitat is host to many colourful animals and features dense, broad-leafed forests with a lot of rain. What is it called?

Animals that hunt other animals for survival are called what?

An animal that is hunted by other animals is called?

The growth on a deer's head is made of bone-like material. What is it called?

Changes to a body part that increase an animal's chance of survival are called

What is a male cat called?

An animal's home is referred to as

This habitat has a lot of trees and a lot of rain

A male bee is also called a

A male pig is also called which of these names?

An animal that no longer exists is called

A male goose is called a?

Animals that only eat plants are called

Animals that eat both plants and animals are called what?

Animals that have a high and constant body temperature regardless of the temperature of their environment are called what?

This term is used to describe an animal that is active during the day

What is the term used for animals that live on or in the water?


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