Fish That Can Fly and Pregnant Males: Wonders of the Aquatic World

Fish That Can Fly and Pregnant Males: Wonders of the Aquatic World

Everybody loves the ocean, or at least the sound of waves splashing on the shore. The ocean can be a dangerous place. It is certainly very mysterious. Have you ever wondered how many brains an octopus has? Ever thought about exactly how many people are killed annually by sharks? Do you know how high and far flying fish can jump? Do you know how long the oldest turtle ever lived? Well, let's known see how much you really know about some amazing aquatic facts.

Great white sharks can detect drops of blood in water from ______away.

Mantis shrimp have an arm that can heat nearby water _____degrees fahrenheit.

A crocodile can apply ___pounds of pressure/square inch with its jaws.

In a school of fish, which ones control the group?

Pufferfish contain a toxin _____times more deadly than cyanide.

Giant tortoises can weigh up to _____pounds.

The word 'piranha' literally means:

Which of these fish have eyelids?

Sea turtles can dive to depths of _______.

Sharks kill fewer than _______people per year.

Male emperor angelfish live with ___female mates.

What can be split into 5 pieces and still survive?

Sea turtles can stay under water for _____ minutes.

The Stone Fish is the:

A tortoise in Madagascar once lived _____ years.

Pollution in British waterways has caused 1/3 of male fish to:

Which of these aquatic animals has males get pregnant and give birth?

What colour is the blood of an octopus?

Mexican walking fish (axolotls) can ________.

An octopus has ____brains.

An octopus has ____hearts.

What is the fastest fish?

The loudest animal in the world is a ________.

Fish scales are found in most brands of:

Flying fish can reach heights of _____feet when they jump.

Fish That Can Fly and Pregnant Males: Wonders of the Aquatic World

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