Canicross, Skijoring, Flyball, & Treibball: Dogs in Sports

Canicross, Skijoring, Flyball, & Treibball: Dogs in Sports

I love dogs. In fact, I have owned two golden retrievers: Lexi and Leo. I loved going to the park and playing fetch with them. Goldens have a habit of fetching the ball, bringing it to you, and then just as you are about to grab it, playfully moving away to make you work harder to get it. Goldens are also great swimmers too. I miss playing games with my dogs. There are numerous official dog sports and dogs have been featured in movies playing sports too. This quiz will test your knowledge on this topic. Okay now, first I want you to Sit! Good boy! Okay, now you can get started!

In dogsled racing, what does the command "Gee" mean?

In which U.S. state is greyhound racing the most popular?

In the 1990s, a dog named Fetch Monster retrieved tees after kickoffs for which NFL team?

When dachshunds race, what is the sport more commonly called?

In the sport of greyhound racing, the dogs are chasing an electrically controlled ______around an enclosed track.

How long is the famous Iditarod dogsled race?

In the sport of flyball, how many dogs are on each team?

Which nation has a sport called Treibball where dogs must gather large exercise balls and put them into a soccer net?

In the 'Air Bud' movie where the dog plays baseball, what position does he play?

In the 'Air Bud' movie where the dog plays soccer, what is the name of the film? Air Bud: ____________

In the 'Air Bud' movies about a sport-playing golden retriever, what sport does Bud play in the initial movie?

In the sport of greyhound racing, usually no more than ______dogs will race against each other in a single race.

In the 'Air Bud' movie where the dog is playing football, what position does he play?

What is the sport called when dogs race against each other across a line of hurdles to a box to grab a tennis ball?

Which of these American universities has a siberian husky as its nickname and mascot?

In the sport 'Canicross', a runner is attached to ________dogs with a harness and they go cross country running.

In the 'Air Bud' movie where the dog plays volleyball, what is the name of the film? Air Bud: _________

The Iditarod is a famous dogsled race that occurs annually in which U.S. state?

When the Iditarod dogsled race first began in the early 1970s, how long did it usually take to finish?

In the Iditarod dogsled race, how many dogs does a driver(musher) start with?

A sport that involves two dogs working together to pull a man on a two-wheeled vehicle is called______________.

In which of these nordic nations is dogsledding a popular sport?

What is the name of all of the bulldogs that have been the mascot for the University of Georgia?

Which of these American universities does NOT have a bulldog as their nickname and mascot?

In which Olympics was there a dogsled event?

Canicross, Skijoring, Flyball, & Treibball: Dogs in Sports

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