Can You Name These Horse Breeds?

Can You Name These Horse Breeds?

There are so many different breeds of horses. How much do you know about them? Find out more about this majestic animal in this quiz.

The classic short distance sprinter.

Originally bred as a war horse, which explains their stocky build.

Which is NOT a foundational sire of the Lipizzan breed?

Best known in the US for harness racing?

America's wild mustangs descend from the horses brought over by __________ explorers.

The horse with a dish-shaped head.

Known for its dun color, and white mane with a black stripe.

This breed has been around for thousands of years in it's homeland.

A Scottish draft horse

The Jutland horse is famous for pulling brewery carts in?

How many horse breeds exist today?

Used for riding, but their milk is also used to make cheese.

Which horse won the Kentucky Derby in 2021?

Which is best known for it's spots?

The oldest warmblood breed.

A hugely popular breed for the Olympic games.

Known for its incredible strength?

The Suffolk Sorel is also called the "Suffolk ___ "

A trotter with more stamina than the American Standardbred.

All breeds of horses fall into one of these three main groups:

Which is a small horse, tracing back to the Middle Ages?

Ponies are a type of?.

Can You Name These Horse Breeds?

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