Anteater Appetites and Smiling Chimps: Amazing Animal Facts

Anteater Appetites and Smiling Chimps: Amazing Animal Facts

Why do flamingos only stand on one leg? How fast can dolphins swim? How strong is a canine's sense of smell? Have you ever wondered about any of those things? Do animals interest you? Do you ever get as hungry as a tiger? Do you wish you could be like a certain animal and on a hot, sunny day be able to produce your own sunblock? Wouldn't THAT be cool? Well, the answers to all of these questions and more will soon become known when you take this quiz. Here we go!

Cats cannot taste ________.

Honeybees can flap their wings _____times in a second.

What can't kangaroos do?

Tigers can eat up to __pounds of meat in a single meal.

What can cats do?

The average dog is as smart as a ____ year old child.

Chimpanzees grin to express ____.

Cats can make about ______different kinds of sounds.

Which colour can't dogs see?

Dogs only sweat through their ________.

Dogs generally can make up to ______kinds of sounds.

Why do flamingos stand on one leg?

Why do kangaroos lick their arms?

When a koala is born, what can it immediately do?

Blue whales can spray water ______feet in the air.

Anteaters can eat up to ________ants and termites in a day.

Kangaroos can hop as fast as _____miles per hour.

What do male penguins bring to their female?

Butterflies taste things with their ______.

What animal has a specific warning call to its kin that means 'human are here'?

Giraffe tongues are ______inches long.

What animal can produce its own sunblock?

Greyhounds can run up to ______miles per hour.

A dog's sense of smell is at least _______times greater than a human's.

Dolphins can swim up to ______ miles per hour.

Anteater Appetites and Smiling Chimps: Amazing Animal Facts

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